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We are a Start Up Company, based on Web Development is made up of eager and hardworking with over 7 years of Web Development experience ready to help you with any issues or workflow optimisation you may have.

In the age of digitalization, every company needs workflow optimization solutions within the company. This aspect can be credited by building applications that can greatly simplify the initial processes. Whether it is a presentation website, online store, blog, or a company intranet, an application that helps you keep track of tasks, or TMS, WMS, CMS, we are here to come to you with the the best option, regardless of your field of activity.


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Web Application?


How work?


Consulting and bidding

A preliminary discussion in order to consult the objectives in order to be able to determine which technology we use and later to draw up the offer.


Programming stage

Throughout the programming of the web application, we will be with you to ensure that we achieve the objectives initiated in the previous stage.


Testing and teaching

You will have access to a test environment to ensure that all functionalities are well optimized. Later, we will set the production environment of the application.

Collection of projects

We have created multiple projects for companies with different domains of activity.

Pricing plan

50 - 200 Euro

Business Starter

Web application with minimal workflow processes.

Web applications for up to 20 employees

Limited reviews and developments

Support on your requirements

80 - 700 Euro

Business Advanced

Web application with medium workflow processes.

Web application for up to 50 employees

Unlimited reviews and developments

Support on your requirements

> 700 Euro

Business Enterprise

Web application with complex workflow processes.

Web application for unlimited employees

Unlimited reviews and developments

Support on your requirements

> 500 Euro

One time cost

Web application with custom workflow processes.

Web applications for unlimited employees

Unlimited reviews and developments

Support on your requirements


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Frequently Asked Questions

Adopting web applications can bring several benefits to a company's workflow, enhancing efficiency, collaboration, and overall productivity. Here are key benefits of using web applications for a company's workflow: Accessibility and Flexibility, Centralized Data and Information, Automation of Repetitive Tasks, Analytics and Reporting, Customer Satisfaction
Various individuals, businesses, and organizations can benefit from web applications.
The time it takes to develop a web application can vary significantly based on several factors, including the complexity of the project, the features and functionality required, the technology stack used, the size and expertise of the development team, and the overall development process.
Determining the price of a web application is highly dependent on various factors, and without specific details about your project, it's challenging to provide an exact cost.

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